Company background

 Company background

Westmark is a privately-owned developer specialising in the residential elements of mixed use schemes. The company was established in March 2002 by Euan Cresswell with UK & European Investments and the significant financial resources of the Lewis Trust Group.

We are based in Bristol and to date we are developing a number of sites across the South West of England. We are also looking further afield for opportunities to deliver intelligently designed properties in cities and town centres across the UK.

Westmark is able to manage and share risk in a variety of ways and operates:

  • In partnership with commercial developers where appropriate to create major mixed-use schemes
  • Independently to deliver mixed-use schemes with a significant residential component
  • Independently to create high quality, purely residential schemes

On all developments we sell well in advance of completion and will both sell and let commercial space.

The Westmark business philosophy is that of an innovative commercial developer rather than a traditional house-builder. Above all we aim to maintain a flexible approach in order to create innovative schemes that represent the best possible solution for each development opportunity.